has been catering to clients since 1995 providing:
Estate Steward, Concierge, Private Driving and Executive House Sitting.
Jai provides services ranging from hourly to ongoing contracts that are customized
to meet the changing needs of her  clients and their budgets.

Jai Rogers has been successful as a publicist, ePromoter, freelance writer and a commercial actor. As a journalist, Jai edited and published the international newsletter, THE INDIGENOUS VOICE and covered Oklahoma's Indian Country writing for the OKLAHOMA INDIAN TIMES (Okit).

Jai co-owned TIGER-ROGERS PROMOTIONS and executive produced KAKC (Clear Channel Communications) call-in radio program OKLAHOMA INDIAN FORUM. While developing progressive programming on state of Indian affairs and U.S. relations, Jai executive produced the longest running Indian affairs television program in the United States, INSIDE NATIVE AMERICA which aired from KOTV, a CBS television network.

Jai's most rewarding accomplishment has been founding the Oklahoma Native American Network (ONAN) in memory of her brother, DAVID ROGERS, who passed in 1996. ONAN implemented community outreach programs that were open to the public & always free of charge. Jai facilitated educational symposiums that drew international interest and support from tribal leaders, movie producers, celebrity entertainers and scholars from across the nation.

The media began calling Jai THE PROMISE KEEPER as her passion for her brother's memory grew into international recognition largely due to her philosophy of sharing as much of one’s talents as possible to empower and enhance the lives of others.

"Speak respectfully but loud enough to be heard" became Jai's motto for encouraging the embracing of cultural identities, languages, traditions and caring for the elders. Jai coined the phrase "The Barbie-Ken Syndrome" meaning the homogenizing of cultures to the point of losing innate, cultural & social identity. She also coined the term "Seasoned Citizens" referring to Baby Boomers & Senior Citizens. Jai states as founder of ONAN she was a "Networking Guru" while she and other Native American advocates gave of their time and talents freely. "Yes" she says, "for that moment...we DID changed the world."

When time allowed she donated corporate sponsorship via e-Promotion & eMarketing on social media networks to support the entertainment industry. Jai has ePromoted and eShowcased talent of all genres on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and on ReverbNation as the OKLAHOMA CELEBRITY & LEGEND ARCHIVE (OCLA), of which she is the founder.

Jai is respected for highlighting careers and passionately supporting the growth of her community as she nurtured the concept of Oklahoma embracing and maintaining its identity in the national entertainment industry. She utilized her background in media and marketing to generate support for the diverse talent performing on the Oklahoma circuit by e-Promoting, networking and archiving digital footage for the Oklahoma Celebrity & Legend Archive (OCLA).

Jai's genuine passion brought the limelight to stages dimly lit with dormant careers and fueled support amongst entertainers serving as a catalyst for musicians to embrace progressive self-promotion. Jai Rogers utilized her career experiences in the media to network professionals and executives in the music and film industries becoming instrumental in revitalizing music careers. ePromoting, encouraging musicians to self-promote and initiating support inspired many to cross race and genre lines,  renew old friendships and branch out to work with new musicians.

Jai served as Booking Liaison for international and Oklahoma celebrities, venues and support staff when booking the 2011 RED DIRT ON 66 TOUR & ROAD MOVIE. She designed and implemented the first large scale Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Induction Campaign in 2011 on Facebook which taught entertainers how to become nominated for awards. *This campaign became a SPRINGBOARD for artists throughout Oklahoma to assertively pursue their goals resulting in career advancement.


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