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Jai promotes Senior Advocacy by sharing before and after photos of her elderly mother during her stays in various nursing facilities. FAMILY must stay engaged in caring for the elderly and not have blind faith in medical and nursing care. 

Jai strongly encourages bipartisan sponsorship of legislature to pass laws preventing drugs like HALOPERIDOLSEROQUEL XR  and other
antipsychotic drugs from being used as geriatric sedatives.

RUTH photos and Powerpoint are available (on loan) to professionals and organizations dedicated to improving laws and elder care.

RUTH is a series of photos and videos of my 81 year old mother's experience in hospitals and long-term nursing care. Video clips of  RUTH feature her experience from an elder's prospective.  --Jai Rogers, Daughter & Legal Guardian

Jai Rogers encourages family and interested parties to visit nursing homes and document what you see. You DO NOT have to have loved ones living in nursing facilites to enter them. You DO NOT need an appointment. Show up UNANNOUNCED and request a tour or simply go visit the people living there. 

Many residents in nursing homes do not have family who visit them and they will relish their time with you. Become a SENIOR ADVOCATE and make true friends with nursing home residents. They need us to speak up for them about what they are experiencing.

Don't forget to DOCUMENT the conditions you see and get those photos to the public and to advocacy organizations.

With the generation of "Baby Boomers" growing older there are more senior citizens in the U.S. than ever before. Our elderly, even those 
who only have medicare or medicaid, have become a very lucrative commodity. Prolonging the life (or death) of the elderly who are warehoused in nursing homes generates a profit of at least $4000+ per resident each month. It is becoming a very ugly business.

Locating quality elder care can truly become a matter of life or a sedated prolonged death for many nursing home residents. There ARE QUALITY NURSING FACILITIES but your must be willing to invest your time and research BEFORE placing your elders. Use the same skills and intuition you use when seeking a location that you would feel safe leaving our children.
Retirement Community Tours
Tulsa & Surrounding Areas
- Senior Friendly Tours
- $45 per person
-Transportation Provided (seating for 1-12)
- Complimentary Lunch Included
- Gift Bag for All Attending
- Reservations Paid in Advance
- Signed Liability Waiver Required

*Tour Includes 2 Locations
* We meet at a designated church to park your vehicle 
* Jai provides a p
assenger van for larger groups
* She provides a car for smaller groups 
* She drives all passengers to each retirement community
  & stays with them on the tour
* Guided tour includes information & question session
* Enjoy a complimentary lunch
* Jai drives passengers back to their vehicles
* Each person receives a thank you gift
Tours will meet promptly for boarding at 10am
on Fridays and Saturdays (as scheduled).
Guests park their vehicles at a designated church (with pastor approval) and will be driven back to their vehicles following lunch.

Jai will stay with guests until each is securely in their vehicle and has left the church parking lot.
Contact Jai Rogers when you want to tour
a retirement community, assisted living location
or nursing facility.

She will make all of the arrangements, provide the transportation and secure a complimentary lunch. Individuals or groups are welcome to make reservations
by calling Jai at 918.282.3768.

Touring with Jai Rogers is a relaxed way to explore retirement living. She makes all of the arrangements so you can take a closer look at options you or a loved one may need one day.

Jai is the legal guardian for her mother who is 81.
They have already been through this stage
of retirement shopping together.

That is why she has designed these tours.
She understands the importance of visiting locations
prior to the need to make important decisions.
 Invite your friends or family to make reservations with you.
Enjoy a complimentary lunch and take a tour 
with no pressure or obligations.
You ask the questions and Jai will help
you get the answers

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